Dylan James Corona,


Founder of I.N.C.L.I.N.E, has worked his way through the years determined that he will make a difference in the Health and Wellness industry. At 19 years of age, Dylan knew he wanted to change lives in a different way. He began his career as a personal trainer, and with over 5 years of experience, he has worked with clients who have struggled with weight loss, chronic pain, postural misalignment and athletic performance. Soon enough, Dylan felt that his skillset was not enough to help his clients the way he wanted to. This led his decision on attaining a License in Massage Therapy with a concentration in Sports and Structural Bodywork. With over 2 years of massage experience, Dylan still loves to train his clients and put them through a workout, however, he's grown into a professional with a unique perspective on health and wellness. His focus has recently shifted to restoring health and balance on an integrative scale. He currently uses all of his knowledge and education to improve his clients health and over all well being. With the use of orthopedic assessment, movement analysis, and functional health lab testing, Dylan is capable of brining ones health to another level.


Dylan has successfully achieved his License of Massage Therapy (LMT), Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification (CES), and Personal Training Certification (CPT).  This does not stop him from learning more and more. He is determined to give 110% to his clients and make a difference in their lives.


Dylan is currently aspiring his Associates Degree in Science with a focus on Biology, and pursuing his Bachelor's in Exercise Science with a minor in Holistic Health and Biology. As of right now Dylan is working towards his Functional Health Practitioner License and will soon provide these services to those that aspire a non conventional approach to a better and healthier life.

For more information on Dylan's modalities/services, please visit the Modalities tab.

For more information on the Functional Health service, please visit the Modalities tab soon.

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