This company was created from a sole desire of wanting to make a change in people's lives, while educating those who needed guidance to a healthier life. INCLINE is a philosophy based on restoring health without the use of invasive treatments. Along with its meaning comes an acronym :
I  - Integration: Dylan has seen wonderful results when combining medical & sports massage techniques with corrective exercises. Why is This?
N - Nourishment: Without giving the body truly what it needs, it will either work much harder to complete a biochemical task. 
C - ContinuityModern health care has been treating the symptoms of ones health complaints without addressing the root cause. Nowadays, you can visit a chiropractor for a bone problem and a neurologist for a nervous system issue, when realistically speaking, the body works synergistically to perform millions of tasks.
When a client comes to visit Dylan, he doesn't neglect the fact that our body works together. We must treat multiple systems to see optimal results. 
L - Longevity:  Have you ever heard one tell you, "The reason why Im in pain is because im getting old..", i'm sure we all have, right? Now, if that were true, why is it in many other places around the world, people turn out to live over 100 years old. Dylan's philosophy and practical skills break the common misconceptions of old age and ones current health standing. 
I - Integrity: Dylan has designed a healing modality that was rooted from his experience with discomfort. After trial and error, Dylan made it imperative to work less on the urgency of a staggering physique, but to direct your attention to mindful training at proper perimeters to create the right amount of tension in the body
N - Navigate:  With appropriate modalities, one will experience an immediate relief of discomfort, b
E - Energetics